lundi 21 août 2017


Bullterrier Beat "Káosz Hazája"

Bunchofuckingoofs "Alcoholiday turned Alcoholocaust" + "Total Breakdown"

Bunker "Que Bien Estoy" + "Borrachos y fumetas"

Bum Kon "Vision of hate"

The Living Deads " Shit Men Say To Symphony".

                                             💀 Special Dedicace to el Dr Zomblardos 💀

IRON REAGAN "Miserable Failure"

Zero Boys "amphetamine addiction"

King Kurt "Wreck a party rock"+Bonus

Re Cross(Live Santa Monica Pier 1982)

samedi 19 août 2017

intrepidos punk "three souls in my mind"

Tötenköpf "Crippled With Reumatism" "Purpose And Utopia"

                                                             Underground non ?^^

Beer Belly "Super Nonsense/We are../ Beer and Oi! / live @ Pogo 77 2 Days Gig, AntiKnock"

Bestia Triumphans "Shoříme"

The Living Dead Girlz "BRAINS"

The Cavemen "Living dead"

The Krawlers "Night of the living dead"

The Ruiners ""Elvis Got a Brand New Gun"

mardi 15 août 2017

Peter And The Test Tube Babies "Banned From The Pubs"

Asuka and the Bum Servants "Battle Fever"

The Oi Scouts "oi punx"

Blind Society "in Seaside Heights, NJ 1997"

ZOOBOMBS "Doo-Bee" "Black Ink Jive"

Visitors "Electric Heat"

Dead Gregory's " pieds et poings liés"

Not From There "Let Me Out"

dimanche 13 août 2017

The Ruts "Babylon's Burning"

Kidnap "Les Vacances"

Lucrate Milk "I love you fuck off"

Bad Lieutenants "encore seul"

WINNY PUHH "Nägija" "Söögitädi" " Peetus"

CIRCUS DEVILS "SHUT UP" "Let's Go Back to Bed"

The Frogs "I Don't Care If U Disrespect Me"

Fancy Rosy "Punk Police"